2018 Metro Moncton Book Festival Logo Rita Russell

Rita Russell

Rita's primary work as an artist is in watercolour portraits. As an artist turned writer, she had her first children's book published in September 2015. The illustrations for both "Logan's Little Bug" and "Logan's Many Hats" were produced by using coloured beach glass she collected during her walks along the beach where she lives with her husband Ed and a pampered Pomeranian named Sandy.

The inspiration for her work has evolved through observing the antics of her young grandson, Logan. Her creative abilities are enhanced by the natural environment in which she lives on the bank of the beautiful Miramichi River in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada.

Rita continues to produce works of art that are straight from her heart. Her greatest joy, however comes from spending time with family, friends, children and her music.

Rita Russell is also the author of Logan's Little Bug. Look for the third book in the series, Logan's Journey, available soon.