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Jumpin' Jack Proud

Jack was born in Charlottetown, on April 17, 1926. He grew up to enjoy a busy and successful athletic life in hockey as well as other sports, first at Prince of Wales College (now UPEI), then later at Acadia University where he was later inducted into the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame. His love for hockey continues today as he is one of the Moncton Wildcats greatest fans!

He became involved later with the World’s Finest Chocolates fund-raising program as Athletic Director at his old Alma Mata. His success with this business has grown over the years. He is still active in the World’s Finest Program which has supported many schools and organizations in their fund-raising activities, especially for sports activities. He boasts a very successful business life both in the Island where he developed a golf course and resort at Rustico. He later brought his business drive to Moncton with one of his ventures still operating and successful.

He boasts a long life of “beating the odds”. He gives God the credit for his many years and more fun than “anyone deserves”!

Jumpin' Jack Proud