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Jason Hamilton

A Wilfrid Laurier University graduate, Jason Hamilton’s goal was to become a filmmaker. Over the course of his fifteen-year career in Toronto, Ontario, he made one short film, which appeared in a film festival. He worked as a lighting technician on over 200 TV shows, feature films, movies of the week and commercials.  

In 2008, Jason and his family made the decision to sell their house in Toronto, move to New Brunswick and build a yurt to start over again.
The ensuing adventure became the content for Mr. Hamilton’s debut non-fiction book “Life, the Yurt and Everything” which he released in 2014. He followed it with a creative non-fiction travel adventure called “Finding Asia” in 2015. His latest book, a mid-grade rural fantasy adventure called “The Prince of Acadia & the River of Fire” was released in 2016.

In addition to growing his catalogue as a writer and author, Mr. Hamilton’s experiences have led him to several appearances as a humorous and inspiring speaker.