2018 Metro Moncton Book Festival Logo Author Carmel Higgins

Carmel Higgins

I was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick during the “Great Depression”,
grew up in Coal Branch Kent County, and was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition. My parents were of Acadian decent.

In 1998, as part of my quest for meaning, I was led to Sophia Center at Holy Names University in Oakland California, where I studied what is being hailed as the “New Cosmology” and Earth literacy. My two books, “Cosmic Fire/Local Sparks: My Journey into the Universe Story” and “Beyond Theism: Journey from Beliefs to Sacred Ground” reflect this ongoing earthly and spiritual quest.

I now reside in Moncton, New Brunswick, am a retired homemaker, writer and past columnist for the Moncton Times & Transcript on “faith” with an evolving and cosmic perspective titled “Hearts and Minds”.

Carmel Higgins