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André-Guy Landry

André-Guy Landry was born in Caraquet, New-Brunswick, and now lives in Moncton, New-Brunswick.

Trained as a traditional animator and graphic artist working in the games industry, he has been moonlighting for over 10 years as the writer and illustrator of “Brainslug”, a comedy comic series that he self-publishes on the internet, a series that is now into its fourth book.

The first collected book: “Brainslug: Alien Tongues” was self-published in 2014 with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign. The second collected book is planned to follow suit in print in early 2017.

Much of his inspiration for his work derives from a blend of newspaper comics, irreverent animated tv shows, and the european graphic novels from his childhood.

He and his “Brainslug” webcomic series can be found on his personal web site brainslug.com.

Andre-Guy Landry